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Patrik Alfvegren - Chief European Strategist
Patrik AlfvegrenMr. Alfvegren has a solid background from finance and the financial markets. Alongside with management positions in various companies, in which he held ownership interests, he has continuously worked as a business consultant; among many things assisting with setting up tax effective international corporate structures as well as providing assistance in connection with tax appeals. He is also a member of the International Tax Planning Association.

Since 1994 Mr. Alfvegren is working out of a pan-European base, sharing his time between offices and homes in France, Sweden, Spain and the United Kingdom. Mr. Alfvegren has wide personal experience from business, the financial markets, banking, finance, law and offshore and corporate services. He understands most kinds of situations facing today's business leaders and/or high-net individuals.

Before his involvement in Shieldor, Mr. Alfvegren founded or co-founded and operated several companies in the financial sector such as Orc Software (technology for advanced market making, trading and brokerage; now listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange), Svensk Borsinformation (financial information; later sold to the Swedish media group "the Bonnier group") and Taurus Broker (brokerage firm specialised in derivative financial instruments). For eight years he also enjoyed the privilege of writing a daily stock market forecast in Sweden's leading financial newspaper "Dagens Industri".


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